BI/Analytics Health Check

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Our well-defined and crystal clear process consists of appraising the following to evaluate customer’s BI/Analytics system and recommend appropriate action plan:

  • Assess usage levels of the BI/Analytics system and identify opportunities to promote user adoption of the system
  • Isolate Server and Hardware bottlenecks
  • Determine Network Latency Issues
  • Detect scope for optimization in configuration parameters in Data Warehouse, ETL and OLTP databases
  • Discover areas of improvement in end user reporting performance and usability

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    There are times when we need to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of a live BI/Analytics system in production. The reasons that drive the health check evaluation could be one or more from among the following examples:

  • The deployment did not address the requirements accurately
  • The user adoption of the solution is not significant enough to justify ROI
  • The end-user performance is disappointing
  • Usability of the BI/Analytics solution leaves a lot of room for improvement Poor performance causing the ETL process to run 24/7