BI/Analytics Solution Health Check

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Sometimes a BI/Analytics solutions does not deliver the desired results even after significant time post go-live. There are typically one or more of the following reasons that cause unsuccessful ROI in an Analytics solution:

  • Bad performance testing user’s patience
  • Poor usability and end user experience
  • Data not relevant or not timely
  • Business requirements not addressed by the BI solution

While addressing the above during a Health Improvement assignment, below are some of the important  considerations that should be focused on:


  • How much to leverage caching at different layers of the BI solution
  • What are the ETL and Reporting indexes that need optimization
  • What parameters need to be tuned in ETL, BI and Database configurations
  • How to identify and improve the inefficient Reporting and ETL objects
  • How to isolate Reporting processes from ETL procedures
  • How to design BI metadata for a relevant, consistent and controlled user experience
  • How to rationalize and streamline expensive BI/Analytics processes