Extend Pre-Existing BI/Analytics Solution

pre existing

Your organization has built and deployed a world class BI/Analytics solution. Business users are ecstatic with the power, performance and usability of the system. Functional and Departmental heads are elated with the ROI from the system and the increased efficiency within the organization. But few months to a year down the line, the new found success seems to be gradually fading. Why? As is the case with evolution of businesses, the expectations from the BI/Analytics system keep changing with unpredictable changes in the industry. Hence, DiLytics recognizes the need to keep the BI/Analytics system relevant for the business not just on the day of go-live but also on a perpetual basis. So we offer to extend a deployed solution to:

  • Broaden the reporting footprint
  • Expand BI/Analytics Meta data and create additional content
  • Extend the Data Warehouse Data model
  • Widen the ETL to include additional sources of data
  • Upgrade from an older release of Technology/Application to a newer version