Federal agencies have a very different set of goals in comparison to commercial, private organizations. Therefore, their challenges are mostly dissimilar to what most companies face. Federal organizations have specific mandates to:

  • federalReport Human Resource practices in hiring, retaining and compensating workforce
  • Ensure fair Procurement process from diverse Suppliers
  • Improve transparency, accountability and internal controls
  • Safeguard budget execution process with increased reporting accuracy
  • Scrutinize fund allotments and spending details
  • Examine overall budget and financial performance
  • Improve timeliness and efficiency of payments

Through implementation of Intelligent Dashboards, DiLytics has enabled Federal organizations to:

  • Gain insight into their Workforce profile
  • Get insight into hiring trends, retention issues, performance and promotion statistics
  • Compare employee compensation and benefits by Ethnic profiles
  • Get better visibility into factors that affect budget execution and payment performance
  • View breakdown of budget by authority, program, and object class
  • Measure how spending level compare to the budget
  • Identify trends on authority, commitments, obligations and expenditures

If you are Federal or State Public Sector agency with some of the above goals and challenges, then please reach out to us for an informative session on our work and we will be happy to invest our time with you.