In the current business environment, sales margins are increasingly thin. Customer retention is harder than ever. Customers unhappy over late spares shipments, out-of-stocks, and equipment failures are the beginning of damage to sky-high inventory carrying costs that can significantly erode revenue and profits. It is necessary to keep track of the full service cycle, from order booking, fulfillment and billing to logging the initial service request and verifying contractual coverage to sending out field engineers.
To assists in expanding the customer base, Tracking Product Development Life Cycle, Forecasts, Sales Opportunities, Booking, Billing and Backlog (BBB), Inventory and Shop floor operations. DiLytics supports Hi-Tech customers to:

  • Track Order Booking and Scheduling
  • Plan, Supply Chain and Order Fulfillment optimally
  • Manage Billing and Backlog
  • Measure Sales Opportunities and Forecasts
  • Get visibility into the product development life cycle
  • Gain insight into purchasing and manufacturing

If your organization is facing challenges in achieving any of the above objectives, then please contact us to consult with your team and provide a Business Intelligence strategy road map at no cost, to address your challenges. We will help you gain the following benefits with the implementation of best practice Business Intelligence strategy:

  • Elevate Performance and Achieve Cross-Enterprise Alignment and Synchronization
  • Improve Innovation Results and Improve New Product Introduction ROI Success and Speed
  • Increase Marketing and Sales Results and Reduce Costs
  • Address Complex and Constant Demand and Supply Volatility
  • Grow Profits from Services and Customer Satisfaction
  • Drive Enterprise Efficiencies and Compliance