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Custom BI Analytics Development1A Few Critical Questions …
Developing a custom Business Intelligence solution is key to successful adoption of analytics based decision making in an organization. While building a custom analytic solution can be a daunting challenge, if done right taking care of the key points of failure, it can be a very rewarding journey in the evolution of a successful enterprise. Following are some of the critical questions that need to be answered appropriately before embarking on the path of designing a business intelligence solution:.

  • What are the data latency requirements for decision making?
  • Is BI/Analytics going to be leveraged for Operational and Transactional decisions making or Strategic decision making?
  • What is the process of consumption of Analytics going to be?
  • What are the different business areas where we want to empower business users with information based decision making?
  • Are we going to enable cross-functional reporting for end-to-end visibility into vital business processes?
  • What would be the basis for securing content and restricting data access for different user bases?
  • What kind of data structure should be adopted for designing the data warehouse?
  • What kind of performance is expected at different layers of the business intelligence solution and how to address those?