BI/Analytics Maintenance & Support


Fundamental Considerations

Every organization needs to maintain and support its BI/Analytics solution just the way they need to maintain and support their Operational & Transactional Systems. However, one of the key questions about maintenance and support is how much to budget and what service level agreements (SLA) to choose. Some of the fundamental considerations are as follows:

  • How critical is the BI system and how much uptime does the business require from Analytics solution
  • How mature is the system in terms of life in production and frequency and volume of support requests from the user base
  • Potential business revenue loss in case of unplanned BI downtime
  • Size and complexity of the BI system in terms of functional content
  • Volume of data being processes by the Analytics solution
  • Size and geographical spread of the user base
  • Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity and High Availability Requirements
  • Cost of maintenance and support for the BI system