Manufacturing industry constantly keeps up with making sure it can produce finished goods per Supply Chain Plan. While Supply Chain Planning and Material Requirement Planning to do take current Inventory levels, Plan capacity, Routings, Recipes, Constraints, etc. into account to create the planned production batch orders, Manufacturing industry faces the tough challenges of:

  • Encountering batches that do not yield as expected
  • Running into scrap material issues
  • Stumbling upon incorrect inventory levels to execute on batches
  • Quality concerns reducing finished goods availability
  • Inconsistency in discipline of sticking to Production Plan

DiLytics deployed outstanding Business Intelligence and Analytics strategy to provide the following capabilities to customers in the manufacturing industry:

  • Visibility into “Plan to Produce Process” to help eliminate bottlenecks
  • Insight into detailed “Production costs” and “cost variances”
  • Identify “work order performance related to on-time completions and quality”
  • Improve“Inventory Visibility” to Improve Return on Assets
  • Integrated view of planning, manufacturing execution, manufacturing quality and inventory builds.
  • Cross-functional analysis capabilities with Supply Chain and Order Management, Procurement & Spend and Financial Analytics
  • Visibility into future planned production, projected fulfillment issues and helps track production attainment against the plan
  • Analysis of inventory balances, and inventory turns, transactions, bill of materials and inventory aging

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