Implementing OBIEE on a Custom Data Warehouse:

custom data warehouse

DiLytics build a custom Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE) solution at one of its clients, in a short span of 150 days. DiLytics build this OBIEE solution on a relational star schema data warehouse from scratch, enabling business users to get global visibility into Booking, Billing, Inventory, Backlog and Forecast, drilling down into Sales order, item, and lot detail level. DiLytics implementation team integrated data into the data warehouse from multiple source systems, e.g. Oracle EBS, Homegrown MySQL ERP, flat files to deliver the required Supply Chain metrics.Business users used to rely heavily on IT to perform data analysis.This OBIEE implementation empowered users to make timely decisions and improve Supply Chain efficiency.

Reasons for Implementing OBIEE on a custom Data warehouse

Oracle Business Intelligence can be implemented within a quick time to market for faster return on your investment in deploying this product.

  • View summary level data and drill down into the relevant details in context
  • Highlight deviations in KPIs and metrics with conditional formatting
  • Get insight into process bottlenecks and inefficiencies without IT help
  • Analyze data from multiple different systems, side-by-side, in a single view
  • Share the same view and definition of metrics across functions for decision making
  • Get alerted to identify exceptions based on conditions