Implement Pre-packaged BI/Analytics Application

pre packaged1DiLytics team understands the importance of ROI for a Business Investing into a BI/Analytics solution. In certain situations, where an organization’s business requirements are generic enough, we evaluate available products from a fit vs gap perspective and measure whether the required extensions of the out of the box product still indicate a favorable ROI for our customer. In cases where the resulting ROI from a Pre-packaged product is better than the expected ROI from a Custom BI/Analytics solution, we recommend implementation and deployment of the Pre-packaged analytics product.

Our time-tested practice and methodology towards deploying a Pre-packaged BI/Analytics product comprises:

  • Gather BI/Analytics Requirements
  • Analyze and Profile Source Data
  • Design Data Warehouse
  • Design ETL
  • Design OBIEE Metadata
  • Develop ETL and OBIEE
  • Conduct Conference Room Pilots
  • Build and QA
  • Execute UAT
  • Deploy and Go-live