Implement Pre-packaged BI/Analytics Application

Implement Pre-packaged_knowledge_centerCrucial Aspects in Pre-packaged BI/Analytics Implementation
Many a time, going in favor of a pre-packaged BI/Analytics product is the key to faster deployment and larger ROI, in contrast to building a Custom Business Intelligence solution from scratch.These are some of the many advantages in choosing a prebuilt Analytics Application:

  • The time to market is relatively shorter
  • The pre-packaged product comes with prebuilt content, data access and reporting
  • The implementation team doesn’t need to choose the appropriate technology required for their BI solution
  • The best practices in Business Intelligence, ETL, Data Warehousing and Analytics would have been taken care of in the prebuilt BI/Analytics Product
  • However, the following are some crucial aspects that need to be addressed while implementing a pre-packaged BI/Analytics product:
  • Ensure that the identified product gaps are real gaps, otherwise your organization would be reinventing the wheel
  • Make sure that the customization design is in line with the standards followed in building the product
  • Avoid building expensive content if the product road map and direction suggests support for those in acceptable future
  • Follow the right approach to ensure that your upgrades are painless