Procurement and Spend Analytics

Procurement&Spend_AnalyticsMost companies typically have contractual agreements with multiple suppliers to source their purchases from many organizations find it challenging to measure the efficiencies in their purchase and spend process. Some of the common pain points being:

  • How long does it take for Purchase Requisitions to get approved?
  • What are the typical bottlenecks in converting a Purchase Requisition to a PO?
  • Do we place PO’s with the supplier with the least price and best delivery quality performance?
  • Which purchase categories do we spend our most money on?
  • Which business units are the largest spenders?
  • Are we making purchases outside of contractual agreements?
  • How much are we losing due to contract leakages?

Oracle’s Procurement and Spend Analytics provides the necessary capabilities to get answers to the above questions and identify opportunities to improve purchasing process to reduce spend. It also allows organizations to provide their Supply Chain Planning function to get visibility into incoming materials expected to be delivered as part of the purchasing process. DiLytics helped a retail customer to gain the maximum benefit out of their investment in Oracle Procurement & Spend Analytics implementation. Customer derived Procurement&Spend_Analytics1unparalleled insight into the Purchase Requisitions, Purchase orders, Spending trends, and areas of improvements to reduce spend.

If your organization is facing challenges in achieving any of the above objectives, then please contact us at DiLytics to consult with your team and provide a Business Intelligence strategy roadmap at no cost, to address your pain points. We will help you gain comprehensive benefits with optimal implementation of Oracle Procurement & Spend Analytics.