The greatest challenges in today’s Retail industry is breaking down a silo-based analytics strategy and enabling the organization’s systems to provide a 360-degree view of the company’s core business functions — Supply Chain, Manufacturing Operations, Merchandising, Pricing and Customer Experience. In today’s world business is much more complex and includes many inter dependencies and a proliferation of transactional data from many different sources. The challenge is to create an integrated,enterprise-wide solution, one that is not only relevant and accurate for individual Stakeholders, but also pulls together and analyzes data across all areas of the business as it relates to that Stakeholder.
As a result of complexity of business environment resulting in myriad disparate source systems, it is tough to accomplish some of the following in Retail industry:

  • Monitor availability Inventory
  • Get visibility into Manufacturing operations
  • Quantify supplier performance
  • Manage suppliers more effectively and Optimize Spend
  • Compare B2B and B2C Sales volumes
  • Get insight into Customer Profile and Buying Behavior

With our expertise in integrating data from multiple different transactional systems to build Data Warehouse based Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions for many customers in Retail industry, we are well placed to be your partner of choice in addressing your Retail industry specific challenges. Call us for a no obligation consultation on pain points faced in addressing your priorities and you will be glad you did.