BI/Analytics Staff Identification Services

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DiLytics takes pride in providing end to end services to customers in making them successful in their deployment of BI/Analytics solutions. We believe that there is a lot of value in taking a customer from limited or no BI to enterprise wide BI/Analytics in a comprehensive fashion. However, we do understand that in certain situations, customers may want help with finding the appropriate resource for some of their very unique BI/Analytics needs which may not justify a full-fledged engagement with a BI solution partner like us. We honor customer requests in those scenarios to assist with identifying the right person based on accurate expectations from the customer. We follow a very simple process for this:

  • Discuss, document and validate client’s requirements
  • Search and Identify potential candidates
  • Evaluate the Identified candidates through rigorous phone interviews
  • Shortlist resources based on the results from phone interviews
  • Assess the shortlisted person’s technical abilities and personal attributes through face-to-face interviews
  • Present the selected professional to the customer and help with on boarding in Customer Organization




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